Beurax SEC Warning

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Beurax Sec Warning

Beurax SEC Warning

On January 26th, 2021, the BCSC, British Columbia Securities Commission, issued an investment caution fraud warning for Beurax.com.

This Beurax SEC warning is the first of many to come. Other regulatory authorities will follow suit.

Beurax SEC Warning

BadMLM originally reviewed an identified Beurax as an HYIP ponzi scam with a fake CEO back in November , 2020.

Read the full Beurax Review here: https://badmlm.com/beurax-review-ponzi-scam-with-fake-ceo/

Beurax BC SEC Warning

From the BC SEC:

Beurax claims to be located in Australia, and it claims to offer investment in currency, interest rate and commodity swaps.

We are aware that Beurax accepts British Columbia (BC) residents as clients.

Beurax is not registered to trade in, or advise on, securities or derivatives in BC.

We urge BC residents to exercise caution when dealing with firms that are not registered to trade or advise in BC.

Beurax is a Ponzi scam.

Beurax does not actually trade. ROI comes from new gullible members investments only.

Any company that pays a fixed daily percentage is a scam.

Paying up to 4.2 % daily is not sustainable.

Once recruitment slows down, the Beurax scam will collapse and your money will be gone.

Be smart with cryptocurrency, just buy and hold.

Do not give your crypto away to a Ponzi Scammer MLM ponzi pimp recruiters. They don’t care that Beurax is a scam, they only care about getting commissions from their gullible and naive followers.

Beurax is nothing more than a bad crypto ponzi MLM.

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