Bitlocity Review – Failed Gifting Pyramid Scheme

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BitLocity Review Scam

BitLocity Review

Please read this BitLocity review. Is BitLocity legit or a scam? And how many times will their launch fail?

BitLocity is just another bad crypto mlm pyramid scheme focused on cash gifting with bitcoin.

Lets review the details of including the products, the company, and the compensation plan in this BitLocity review.

What Is BitLocity?

BitLocity Review

According to their website, claims they are:


Technology, Educational and Rewards Program –Designed to Accelerate YOU to the SPEED OF SUCCESS!

Which is a big load of marketing BS.

BitLocity is just a cash gifting crypto MLM, a ponzi scheme heavily focused on recruiting as the only source of income, similar to the Forsage Ponzi Scam.

BtiLocity pre-launched in November 2020. Since then, they’ve had issues and failed launch attempts, causing them to keep pushing the launch date.

The owners / creators are anonymous and there is no further information on the website.

The domain was privately registered on October 28, 2020 for 2 years.

BitLocity Review Products

They don’t appear to have retail products or services. But, they will have digital training products about cryptocurrencies. These include;

  • What is the Blockchain
  • How will Blockchain technology change the world?
  • What is cryptocurrency, and why is it here to stay?
  • What is crypto mining?
  • What is crypto trading?

These products are just basic information about cryptocurrencies that you can find on the internet for free.

A feeble attempt to legitimize a Ponzi Scheme by selling products.

These overpriced digital products will not be worth their expensive price tags, ranging from $25 up to $100,000.

BitLocity Compensation Plan

BitLocity affiliates invest in the company to buy positions in the compensation plan.

  • Bronze – Invest $25
  • Silver – Invest $50
  • Gold – Invest $75
  • Platinum – $100
  • Pearl – $200
  • Amber – $500
  • Ruby – $750
  • Sapphire – $1,000
  • Emerald – $2,000
  • Diamond – $5,000
  • Double Diamond – $10,000
  • Blue Diamond – $20,000
  • Ambassador – $50,000
  • Crown Ambassador – $100,000

You will be required to pay a $25 per year membership fee.

BitLocity Global Infinity Line

One of their big marketing claims is that you don’t have to recruit anyone to get paid with the BitLocity Global Infinity Line. Once you get started at the $25 or $50, you can earn in their Global Infinity Line, where everyone that joins the company goes in this line one after the other.

You will pass up your 3rd and 10th sale you sponsor.

Thus, your personally sponsored 3rd and 10th people are passed up to you.

Matrix Compensation Plan

BitLocity uses a 3×1 matrix structure that is tied with GOLD rank ($75) and higher.

Each rank has its own 3×1 matrix, and once it fills, you cycle out and create another one.

If you sponsor someone with a higher rank than you, it gets passed up to the next qualified member.

Both the Infinity Line and Matrix compensation run together, side by side at same time.

To buy every position in the matrix compensation plan, you must purchase every package individually, which will set you back $189,700 usd worth of bitcoin.

Cost to Join

Each member pays a $25 yearly. To get started, you must gift at least $25 to your sponsor.

There are 14 positions to buy in total from $25 up to $100,000.

Now, who is the sane mind, would pay over $100,000 to join a super sketchy cash gifting matrix cycler with bitcoin, that will crash and burn in 6 months or less?

Is BitLocity a scam or legit?

BitLocity is a ponzi scam.

BitLocity is simply an illegal cash gifting matrix cycler MLM, and nothing more.

According to the FTC, a legit MLM should be more inclined towards sales of actual products and not recruitment. If it doesn’t, then it’s a straight up pyramid scheme. 

It’s marketed as a low cost way to earn bitcoin with out recruiting, but don’t be fooled by these lies.

Matrix cyclers require constant recruiting and new investment to keep cycling or it will stall out, and people will not get paid.

All matrix cyclers fail eventually, its simple math.

Most of the money will be made at the top of the pyramid, from the owners, the owners stacked positions and from the big recruiters aka ponzi pimps who promote to their gullible followers.

Most people will lose money.

BitLocity is a Bad MLM.

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Bitclocity Review

BitLocity is simply an illegal bitcoin gifting matrix cycler MLM, and nothing more.



Compensation oPlan


User Friendly


  • +None


  • -Matrix Cycler
  • -Ponzi Scheme
  • -ROI based on recruitment only
  • -Too Expensive
  • -No Products
  • -Illegal
  • -
  • -
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