Dondi Review – Smart Contract Matrix Cycler Scam

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dondi review scam

Dondi review. Is Dondi a scam or legit? Have you seen someone promoting smart contract MLM on social media as a way to gain Ethereum?

Maybe you’ve seen some hyped up marketing claims about how Dondi is a legit decentralized matrix cryptocurrency project?

Lets review the details of matrix project including the products, the company, and the compensation plan in this Dondi review.

What is Dondi?

Dondi is just another smart contract matrix cycler scam with no product. It is a Forsage copy cat. In fact, it’s almost exactly the same as the Forsage scam except it has a different name. Dondi launched in July of 2020.

Although they have a roadmap on their website, it is laughable and full of fluff.

Dondi self describes on their website as: Dondi is an international 100% Decentralized Peer 2 Peer Crowdfunding platform based on Ethereum smart contracts. It is a self-executing software algorithm that performs the function of distributing partnership rewards between members of a community while adhering to specific conditions (matrix marketing plan). 

On the surface, Dondi seems like a legit crowdfunding Etheruem smart contract project. As it’s a decentralized peer to peer system that pays 100% commissions on positions when you recruit other people.

When we pull the curtain back, Dondi is just a cash gifting matrix cycler pyramid scheme.

They simply use a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, to automate the position cycling in the matrices, to pay members wallets. It is NOT a legit crowdfunding platform.

Cash gifting schemes are illegal, even if its on the blockchain. Just because Dondi uses a smart contract does NOT make it legal.

A big negative is the the Dondi compensation plan is a matrix cycler. Matrix cycler’s never last, once recruiting slows down, people stop getting paid. It is simple math that it will eventually fizzle out and fail.

Matrix Cycler’s always fail.

95% of people can not recruit and fail with MLM, so they will lose their money here with Dondi. They will simply invest more money than they will ever get out of it, and will lose money. The admins always have several stacked positions in the matrices.

Like all pyramid schemes, the people at the top get paid the most, the people at the bottom will lose out.

Dondi uses Ethereum as the only method of peer to peer payments, so no recourse/refunds once you send your ETH away to join this smart contract ponzi scheme.

Ethereum Transaction Fees:

Another big negative for Dondi is the high gas fees to send ETH. The busier the Ethereum network is, the higher the gas fees will be. Sometimes it can cost as mush as $50 to send Ethereum per transaction!

Dondi high ETH gas fees

Dondi Products

Dondi does not have any products.

This is more proof that Dondi is a cash gifting pyramid scheme which is cleverly disguised as “Crowdfunding”.

Pay Ethereum to join for the ability to refer others, to get paid Ethereum so they can do the same.

Due to their deceptive marketing, people think it’s a legit way to earn Ethereum, just because its handled with a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

But, Don’t be fooled by all the smoke and mirrors,  it’s still an illegal pyramid scheme.

Dondi Compensation Plan

Dondi has two matrix sizes: 1×3 and 2×2.

Dondi x3: A 1×3 matrix has three positions under your main position.

Dondi x6: A 2×2 matrix has with two positions on the level 1 and four positions on level 2, for a total of 6 positions.

X3 is personally sponsored recruits, and X6 is for spillover from above or below.

Once you fill the matrix, you cycle out and get commissions in ETH as seen below:

X3 matrix (entry is 0.025 ETH of the initial 0.05 ETH buy in) – generates 0.05 ETH in gifting payments and entry into a new 3×1 matrix.

X6 matrix (entry is 0.025 ETH of the initial 0.05 ETH buy in) – generates 0.075 ETH in gifting payments and entry into a new 2×2 matrix.

You can buy more positions, there are 24 positions in total, 12 positions in each matrix.

Each position doubles in value as you go, from 0.25 ETH all the way up to the 51.2 ETH

Dondi X3 Matrix
Dondi X3 Matrix
Dondi X6 Matrix
Dondi X6 Matrix

How Much Does Dondi Cost to Join?

The Dondi pyramid scheme costs $87,000 to buy all 24 positions in both matrices!

The entry fee is 0.05 ETH to buy your first position.

This will gives you a position in the x3 (3×1) matrix and the x4 (2×2) matrix. (0.025 ETH to each matrix.)

If you want to buy all the positions in the X3 and X6 matrix, that will cost you 204.7 ETH, at today’s value of $425 usd, that is $86,997.50 usd.

Now, who in their right mind, would spend $87,000 on a cash gifting matrix cycler pyramid scheme??? 

Dondi Scam

Dondi is an illegal cash gifting matrix cycler pyramid scheme that uses the Ethereum cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Just because it’s handled with a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, does NOT make it is legit.

Dondi is a scam.

It’s marketed as a zero risk way to stack Ethereum with buzz words such as transparency, anonymity, crowdfunding, decentralized, smart contract, etc. But don’t be fooled by this, it’s just a crappy matrix cycler.

Dondi’s ROI is from recrutiment only and needs a steady stream of new money to keep cycling or it will stall out, not complete cycles and people will not get paid.

It’s simple math that it will eventually stop paying, that’s how all matrix cyclers work, they always fail.

Most of the money will be made at the top of the matrix, from the owners, the owners stacked positions and the big recruiters that are experienced in promoting these bad mlm ponzi scams.

Most will lose money.

Dondi is a Bad MLM.

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Dondi Scam Overview

3.5 is simply a cash gifting matrix cycler pyramid scheme with no products handled by a smart contract disguised as a legit crowdfunding platform.



Compensation Plan


User Friendly


  • +100% commission
  • +Spillover possibility


  • -Pyramid Scheme
  • -No Products
  • -High transaction fees
  • -Too Expensive
  • -Forsage copy cat
  • -Illegal
  • -Matrix Cycler
  • -Recruitment based
#1 Recommendation

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