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forsage xgold scam

Forsage x GOLD Scam Review

Is Forsage x GOLD a scam? Is Forsage x GOLD legit? Read this Forsage X Gold review. You’ve seen the typical crypto commission junkies’ promoting this scammy decentralized “crowdfunding” crypto project on social media and want to know more. Let’s review all the details of xGOLD and see where it falls short.


Behind the curtains, the Forsage xGOLD scam is just a crypto based cash gifting pyramid scheme. It is a matrix cycler program that uses the Tron (TRX) cryptocurrency for payments. There is nothing special or innovative about Forsage Tron xGOLD. They simply use a smart contract on the Tron blockchain to automate the position cycling in the matrices, and to pay members wallets when you recruit others or fill a matrix (cycle).

The CEO and face of Forsage is Lado Okhotnikov. There is not much information around about Lado. was originally launched in February 2020 as a smart contract matric cycler on the Ethereum blockchain.

Forsage xGOLD Plan launched in mid-October 2020 and now uses smart contracts on the Tron blockchain, since it has lower transaction fees and faster transactions.

How Does Forsage xGOLD work?

To join Forsage x GOLD, you will need a Tron wallet, like

First you will fund your wallet with Tron. You can buy BTC first, and swap it for Tron (TRX) on an exchange like

Once logged in Forsage Tron xGOLD, you can purchase your first position in the matrix , it will connect to your Tron wallet directly,  then you will authorize the transaction and connect to the Forsage xGOLD Tron “smart contract”. Then you will be able to send and receive Tron payments.

Save your recovery seed phrases, if you’re setting up a Tron wallet for the first time.

The starting cost of Forsage xGOLD is 200 TRX for the first slot, and then it keeps doubling in cost up to slot 10.

After slot 10, the values increase with the so-called Golden Ratio, also known as Fibonacci numbers : 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc. Prices for slots 10-15 are 100,000 TRX, 200,000 TRX, 300,000 TRX, 500,000 TRX, 800,000 TRX, and 1,300,000 TRX.

Forsage xGOLD Matrix
Forsage xGOLD Matrix


In the Forsage xGOLD matrix, each slot has 30 spots arranged in 4 lines: two in the first line, four in the second line, eight in the third, and sixteen in the fourth. Recruits in a matrix may be invited by you, come by spillovers from above up to the third upline, or come by spillovers from the lower lines.

  • Payments of two people in the first line pass up to your upline.
  • Second line, you get 20% from each of the four places.
  • Third line, you get 30% from each of the eight places.
  • Fourth line, you get 50% from 16 places.
Forsage xGOLD Compensation Plan
Forsage xGOLD Compensation Plan

The last 2 payments on the fourth line , 50% + 50%, are used to recycle back in.

Also note, it is not easy to fill all theses matrices as most people are lazy and can not recruit. Most will try to rely on spillover/under which is not guaranteed and will lose money.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Forsage xGOLD?

If you join the Forsage with TRON at the xGOLD pre-launch stage, will cost 200 TRX to buy in. This will get you a slot in both x3 matrix and x4 matrix.

When Forsage xGOLD is launched, those who joined Forsage on Tron at the pre-launch stage can join for another 200 TRX. Then the full launch start up cost for everyone else will be 400 TRX to buy in.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy All The Slots in Forsage x3, x4 and xGOLD?

To buy all the slots in Forsage will cost you almost $290,000 USD worth of TRX at a rate of $0.035.

The exact amount is $289,992.50 USD.

  • Forsage x3 : The cost of all slots is 2,492,700 TRX ($87,244.50 usd)
  • Forsage x4 : The cost of all slots is 2,492,700 TRX ($87,244.50 usd)
  • Forsage xGOLD : The cost of all slots is 3,300,100 TRX ($115,503.00 usd)
  • TOTAL : The cost of all slots is 8,285,500 TRX ($289,992.50 usd)
  • Above is based on TRX rate of $0.035

Now, who in their right mind, would invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into a lame Tron smart contract matrix cycler pyramid scheme??? ?

Is Forsage xGOLD a SCAM?

Forsage xGOLD is a scam, and here’s why…

Forsage x GOLD plan is NOT legit crowdfunding as they claim.

Now, crowdfunding is not illegal. Giving/receiving cash gifts without the giver expecting something in return is perfectly legal.

However, Participating in a cash-gifting system, where you gift someone in order to qualify to be gifted by other people is illegal. is just a crypto matrix cycler pyramid scheme. Just because its on a blockchain, does not mean it’s legit.

Forsage xGOLD ROI is completely based on recruiting new members to buy slots/positions in matrices.

These smart contract crypto based matrix cycler scams are popping up like weeds now.

Another negative, is that cyclers are one of the worst MLM compensation plans out there because they always eventually stall out and fail. Matrix cycler’s never last, once recruiting slows down, people stop getting paid.

Most people can not recruit anyways so they will lose their money.  The admins, the people at the top get paid the most, and the people at the bottom get suckered into these scams and lose their money.

The Forsage xGOLD scam uses Tron (TRX) as the only method of peer to peer payments, so no recourse/refunds once you send your crypto away to join this pyramid scheme.

It’s absolutely ludacris to spend thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to join a cryptocurrency MLM matrix cycler.

It’s clear that the Forsage hype is fading out quickly. This is why they launched Forsage xGOLD matrix so they can make even more money since its popularity is on the decline.

The Forsage x GOLD scam is a Bad MLM.

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Forsage xGOLD Scam Review

The Forsage xGOLD scam is just a crypto based cash gifting pyramid scheme. It is a matrix cycler program that uses the Tron (TRX) cryptocurrency for payments. There is nothing special or innovative about Forsage Tron xGOLD.



User Friendly


Compensation Plan


  • +Peer to peer payments
  • +Smart contract


  • -"Cash gifting" pyramid scheme
  • -No Product
  • -Insanely expensive
  • -Not passive
  • -Scam
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