Power Of 2 Smart Contract Review

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power of 2 review

Power Of 2 Smart Contract Review

Power Of 2 review – Is Power Of 2 a scam? Is Power Of 2 legit? What is Power Of 2?

Have you seen people marketing this new smart contract matrix cycler on social media?

Read on for the full detailed Power Of 2 review and learn the details of Power Of 2 including the company, and the compensation plan in this Power Of 2 smart contract review.

What is Power Of 2 Smart Contract?

Power Of 2 is a smart contract matrix cycler that uses the Tron blockchain. It’s a crypto MLM “Crowdfunding” pyramid scheme that launched at the end of September 2020.

Power Of 2 uses a smart contract on the Tron blockchain, to automate the position cycling in the matrices, to pay members tron wallets in TRX when they recruit others.

Smart contract matrix cycler ponzi schemes, are very popular now, and its seems there is a new one launching almost every week now. Most of them have so many issues at launch, and some of them just completely scam out and steal your crypto.

Matrix cycler’s usually never last long, once recruiting slows down, people stop cycling and stop getting paid.

Most people can not recruit, so they rely heavily on spillover and spillunder.

The owners, and some people at the top get paid , meanwhile, the people at the bottom get paid the least.

Power Of 2 uses TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency or as the only method of peer to peer payments.

The domain was privately registered on August 22nd, 2020 for two years and expires on August 22nd, 2022.

Power Of 2 Powerline

  • As tens of thousands of new Members join P2, they are registered in the P2 Powerline.
  • Each new Member is automatically entered with a date and time stamp on a first-come, first-serve basis to track their success.
  • There are two types of Members in the P2 Powerline:
  • Free Members and Donating Members.
  • Free Members are registered at no charge and are automatically given the first two Free Members in their personal crowdfunding campaign.
  • All new Free Members are given 24 hours to make their first donation to upgrade and become qualified as Donating Members.
  • If the donation is not made in the first 24 hours, the Free Member is removed from their preferred time and date stamped position and re-inserted at the bottom of the P2 Powerline.

Power Of 2 claims every free member will get 2 free members under them, and will have 24 hours to upgrade to the first spot in each matrix which will cost $10 worth on TRX.

Typical commission junkies and crypto pimps love pushing these smart contract MLMs to gullible followers and will deceptively market them as a way to earn passive income with cryptocurrency.

Power Of 2 is not passive income.

Matrix cyclers are not passive and are completely reliant on active recruiting only as the only source of ROI.

How Does Power Of 2 Smart Contract Work?

To use Power Of 2, you will need to use a Tron wallet, for desktop,  or app for mobile.

First you will fund your wallet with Tron (TRX).

Once logged in Power Of 2, you can purchase your first position in the X-Factor and Prime matrix with a minimum of $10 usd worth of TRX. You will connect to your Tron wallet directly,  then you will authorize the transaction and connect to the Power Of 2 smart contract. Then you can send and receive TRX payments with Power Of 2.

Save your recovery seed phrases, if you’re setting up these wallets for the first time.

Power Of 2 Products

Power Of 2 has no retail products.

It is a straight up crypto gifting scheme aka “Crowdfunding” using Tron cryptocurrency.

You pay Tron to join to gain the ability to recruit others and get paid, so in turn they can do the same.

Power Of 2 Compensation Plan

Power of  2 X-Factor and Prime Matrix
Power Of 2 X-Factor and Prime

Power Of 2 has two matrix sizes. 

A 1 x 2 matrix structure that pays 100% commission and a unilevel network that pays 10% commission on each level of the unilevel network to above sponsors 10 levels deep.

X-Factor: A 2×1 matrix has 2 positions under your main position. 1st position pays you 100% commission and the 2nd position is passed up to your sponsor and completes the cycle.

Prime: Unilevel structure that pays 10% commissions 10 levels deep

You can get spillover over from above and pass-ups from below. You must purchase the position before you can get paid on it, or you will pass up commissions to the next person above you at that level.

How Much Does Power Of 2 Cost To Join?

Power of 2 positions dollar value

Power Of 2 is free to join, but costs $10 worth of Tron to upgrade.

The $10 upgrade will get you a $5 spot in both the X-Factor and Prime matrix structures.

You can buy more positions, there are 20 positions in total, 10 positions in each matrix.

Each position doubles in value as you go, from $5.00 usd all the way up to $2560.00 usd.

It will cost you $5120.00 usd worth of Tron (TRX) to buy all 20 spots.

Power Of 2 Scam

Is Power Of 2 smart contract a scam? It’s basically a cash gifting scheme that uses Tron for payments.

Smart contracts are not scams, but do they really have a place in the crypto MLM world?

Smart contract matrix cyclers are new and popular in 2020 and now they have their own category in the MLM world. Some good, some bad.

Power Of 2 and other smart contract cyclers are marketed as crowdfunding cryptocurrency platforms,  but they are really just matrix cyclers.

Power Of 2 does offer some different and unique concepts then other smart contract cyclers. They have fast cycles with a small 1 x 2 matrix, and also their unilevel structure that pays you down 10 levels deep.

Will Power Of 2 gain popularity in the smart contract MLM space?… Time will tell.

Power Of 2 is a Bad MLM.

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Power Of 2 Smart Contract Review

Power Of 2 Review - Po2 offers some unique concepts for a smart contract cycler. You can join free, fast cycles with a small 1 x 2 matrix, and also a unilevel structure that pays 10 levels deep.



Compensation Plan


User Friendly


  • +100% commissions
  • +Peer to peer payments
  • +Possible Spillover


  • - Not Passive
  • -Cash gifting like
  • -Launch bugs
  • -Slow momentum
  • -
#1 Recommendation

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