TronCase Review – Smart Contract Ponzi Scam

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troncase review scam

TronCase Review

Looking for a current Troncase review? Is a scam or legit?  Yes, it is a Ponzi scam. It’s just another Tron / TRX based smart contract MLM pyramid scheme that promises a passive income.

Troncase promises a 300% ROI with a 1% daily return with bonuses and an 11 level deep referral compensation plan.

These passive ROI Tron smart contract MLMs never last long term are considered very High Risk. We’ve seen them collapse and fail time after time.

Once recruitment and investments slow down, the smart contract will be drained of all the funds (TRX) and you will have no chance to recoup your losses.

And yes, a smart contract can still be wiped out clean, even if the smart contract is verified and audited by reputable third parties. A smart contract simply can not pay funds if there are no funds to pay.

Read on for the rest of this Troncase review:

What is Troncase?

Troncase platform

According to their website,, it’s a NEXT GENERATION COMMUNİTY PROGRAM TronCase is the perfect combination of Digital Technology, High Security and Community Program

This is just fancy marketing lingo to make it seem legit.

In reality, Troncase is an MLM PONZI SCHEME using Tron’s blockchain /smart contract system.

Ponzi Scheme is a fraudulent investing scam which generates returns for earlier investors with money taken from later investors. This is similar to a pyramid scheme in that both are based on using new investors funds to pay the earlier joiners.

Who are the owners/creators of Troncase? Nobody knows and there is no information on their website. They only use a general statement that most scams use: Troncase platform was developed by a blockchain software development team.

The domain was privately registered and Namecheap for only 1 year on September 4th, 2020. A shorter 1 year registration term usually means they know this project will not even last 1 year. They also use Troncase.Space as a back up domain.

Troncase Compensation Plan

Troncase members invest a minimum of 100 TRX with a 300% ROI promise.


+ 1% EVERY 24 HOURS – Troncase smart-contract calculate rewards up to every contribution since the date it was made. Every hour you will get +0.0416%, every day +1%.


When you do not withdraw money, your rewards rate increases by 0.1% every 24 hours. (Max 0.5%)


Add + 0.1 additional fee every time the platform distributes 20,000,000 TRX Referral rewards (Max 0.5%)


Earn + 0.1 additional reward for every 50,000 active users on the platform (Max 0.5%)


Get + 0.2% additional reward for every 80,000,000 TRX on Smart Contract Balance. (Max 1%)

Affiliate Commissions

Troncase pays referral commissions to affiliates with a unilevel compensation plan.

Troncase pays commissions 11 levels deep when you recruit other people in to the ponzi scam:

Troncase compensation plan
Troncase Compensation Plan
  • 7% on level 1
  • 3% on level 2
  • 1.5% on level 3
  • 1% on level 4
  • 0.5% on levels 5 to 7
  • 0.4% on level 8
  • 0.3% on level 9
  • 0.2% on level 10
  • 0.1% on level 11

Is TronCase a Scam?

Yes, Troncase is a scam. Nothing more then MLM pyramid scheme money shuffle game with TRX.

Very similar to TronBase, which is another smart contract ponzi we reviewed recently here: TronBase Review

The typical ponzi pimps and commission junkies’ will lure gullible investors, as it pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors.

Troncase’s MLM smart contract is not to be trusted. These smart contracts are still vulnerable and can scam out when there’s no new funds coming in to pay earlier investors.

Just because it’s handled on a smart contract does not mean it’s legit.

Once recruitment and new investment slows down, the pyramid scheme will collapse and the smart contract can not pay the daily ROI or commissions.

A ponzi is a ponzi, don’t be fooled by this decentralized scam.

I hope you enjoyed this Troncase Review.

Troncase is another Bad MLM.

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Troncase Review Scam

Troncase review. is just another Tron / TRX based smart contract MLM pyramid scheme that promises a passive income that will scam you.



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